How I Keep Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Gone? The Solution For Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Relief Naturally at Home

Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

How I Keep Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Gone Despite Having An Active Lifestyle At 61 Without: Medications, Surgery or Constant Visits To The Doctor

And stop limiting your daily activities because of the pain …15 min a day, keeps Osteoarthritis Knee pain at bay 🙌

At 61, people are shocked when they discover my daily routine.
I have been active throughout my entire life. Aging hasn’t stopped me.
From playing with my grandkids to 30-minute Pilates sessions.
My knee had taken a beating.
When my doctor told me I had developed osteoarthritis in my knee : “osteoarthritis knee pain”.
I thought: this is it, now I slouch over… and give up.
My life motto is: “Life is movement”, and that’s been ripped from me.

Medication, Medication, Medication

It felt like the only thing my doctor was recommending me…
And I’m not a huge fan of taking pills, they make me feel drowsy.
I was starting to become depressed… And, to make matters worse, my symptoms were becoming dreadful, I had terrible osteoarthritis knee pain.
My knee would start swelling after doing day-to-day chores. And that crackling in my knee sent shivers down my spine.

That’s When I Decided, Enough!

Kelli Allen


osteoarthritis knee pain relief
It was time to take action. I started researching everything I could about Osteoarthritis and about osteoarthritis knee treatment.
I joined every Facebook group I could find, and started reading.
It turns out, exercise is beneficial, but it has to be specific.
The activities had to be less stressful on the knees. Things like: Yoga, swimming, walking on grass.
But I still had one problemosteoarthritis knee pain.
And my knee would swell up and hurt after.

That’s When I Stumbled Across A Post In One Of The Facebook Groups.

Stacy, my angel, was the one who made the post.
She had been struggling with osteoarthritis in her knees for the last 7 years.
After spending thousands of dollars on conventional treatments, which didn’t help…
All types of knee massagers and pads…

She Found The One.

Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

The Solution For Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Relief Naturally at Home

I bought the “miracle” knee massager”, said Stacy, in her post.
“After a few 10-15 minute sessions my symptoms had just flat out disappeared.”
The knee massager was so good, she immediately had to make a post.
With the post having 142 likes, and many comments thanking her, I thought, why not give it a try?
Now, I’m not one to throw money at some gimmick. I was going to do my research and what I found surprised me.
The company behind it was made up of top-class people. Folks who believe in NEVER doing something halfway.
Their motto, “If we’re going to build a knee massager, let’s build the best knee massager”!
They created 19 months worth of prototypes and spent over $80,000 in laboratory testing.
On real pain sufferers, just like you and me, to get it to the finished product.

Yeah, You Heard Right, Eighty Thousand Dollars!!

This is JUST what I needed. Proof that this was the real deal.
With their 60-day full money-back guarantee, I couldn’t resist.
My MONKIKA™ Knee Massage arrived a few days later, and I wasted no time.
The first thing I noticed was how comfortable it was.
The unit contained soft airbags that comfortably wrapped around my knee and hugged my joint allowing a deep massage effect.
The heat!!! My knee felt like it was in heaven…
The adjustable heat settings and massage levels were easy to use.
When I turned it on, my throbbing pain died down as blood flowed to my joints.
I finally had a solution to my swelling problem!
Even after my first session of just 15 minutesthe improvement was incredible.
And the relief… Through the roof!
I thought that my knee pain was only gonna get worse. But now I could see light at the end of the tunnel.
Darryl Cochrane


I’m SO Ready To Be DONE With Knee Pain!

How exactly will this incredible device help your knees?

Every knee is different. But after using the MONKIKA™ Knee Massager ,I want to shout how good it is from the rooftops. And tell anyone who’ll listen to Go Get One NOW.
And according to the people that build MONKIKA™ Knee Massager , what I’ve experienced is just the beginning…
  • With its adjustable heat & massage settings, it warms up and lubricates your joints for a pain-free day
  • It’s perfect for relieving knee pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus & tendonitis issues
  • It’s used & recommended by Doctors and athletes alike for post-surgery and injury recovery
  • ​With your improved joints, your mood will skyrocket as even the simplest movements won’t be causing you pain
  • ​It’ll get you back into the activities you love such as Hiking, Cycling, Pilates, and Yoga
  • ​You’ll throw away those unnecessary pain pills that could damage your body beyond repair
  • ​It can completely help you avoid the need for risky, dangerous (and expensive) osteopathic surgery
  • ​It’s like an in-home physical therapist you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for week after week.

“If you’re suffering from knee issues and you have not tried knee massage, then it’s certainly time to start.”


How Does Knee Massage Help?

Several studies have shown that knee massage provides the following benefits.

  • Increases blood flow to the joint
  • Stronger circulation
  • Less swelling in the knee area
  • ​Replenishes joint fluids
  • Reduces overall pain and stiffness
Massage also helps the muscles around the knee and this can provide relief. Knee massage can complement other treatments for knee discomfort.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has also proven to be effective because it loosens the muscles around the knee and also loosens interior parts of the knee.

When you apply heat to a sore joint, the blood vessels get bigger. This allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues. Better circulation means more relaxation for the knee joint.
Studies have shown that massage therapy combined with heat and light therapy can have a positive impact on the mobility of joints, including knee joints.
Fortunately, there’s a new medical device that is perfect for people who want to take advantage of these therapies.

Red Light Therapy

“Red Light” therapy has also been shown to help with knee discomfort. This happens because red light can stimulate the growth of healthy cells. This can lead to reduced inflammation and more comfortable joint function. Light therapy also helps with healthy function of mitochondria. This provides the “fuel” for cells. Again, this can provide relief to people who are dealing with joint discomfort.

And then there’s collagen. Light therapy helps with health collagen function. Collagen makes up 60% of cartilage. Thus increasing collagen production can help heal damage to cartilage in knees and other joints.

MONKIKA™ Knee Massager is Easy and Convenient to Use:

It is equipped with a large LED display with only 3 operation buttons, rechargeable and wire-free, with adjustable velcro which makes it easy to use with any knee size.

knee massager

1. Smart Technology

Only 3 operation buttons and large LED touch panel, makes it easy to use, especially for elderly.

Rechargeable and wire-free does not limit you when and where you can get the relief you need
knee massager 2 1 | MONKIKASHOP

2. Use it at Home

When watching TV, reading a book or relaxing in your favorite armchair.

MONKIKA™ Knee Massager is your personal physical therapist you can use in the comfort of your home while doing what you love.


3. Use it at Work

Take it at work and massage your knees while working.

MONKIKA™ Knee Massager saves you not only a ton of moneybut a ton of time as well.

massager machine

4. Easy To Carry

MONKIKA™ Knee Massager was designed for portability, so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime.

Imagine performing a deep-tissue massage on your knees – whenever you want!

“If you’re suffering from knee issues and you have not tried knee massage, then it’s certainly time to start.”

Thousands of people are loving MONKIKA™ KNEE MASSAGER :

“I now enjoy regular weekend hiking and biking trips with my husband,” says Cathy, a friend of mine with similar knee problems. “I have been experiencing mobility that I could only imagine feeling in my college days and MONKIKA™ KNEE MASSAGER is to thank for that.

What can I do for my knee pain?

Get More Information About MONKIKA™ KNEE MASSAGER

The choice is now yours my friend…

You can take a SOLID action right now that can help you walk away from chronic knee pain by simply clicking the button below!

If you order now, you’ll receive a discount of up to 50%! That’s the lowest price that MONKIKA™ KNEE MASSAGER has ever been offered for!

knee massager 1 | MONKIKASHOP
I’m SO Ready To Be DONE With Knee Pain!

Here’s a valuable tip MONKIKA™ KNEE MASSAGER is a great gift for someone suffering from knee pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, meniscus & tendonitis issues

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