Arthritis Of The Knee : How To Ease Arthritis Knee Pain With The Best Knee Massager ?

Arthritis of the Knee

Arthritis of the knee is widespread: its evolution and consequences.

As in hip arthritis, arthritis of the knee generally evolves into destructive arthropathy.
Many types of arthritis involve the knee. The knee is very often involved in arthritis.
It can be affected in all of the following forms of arthritis:

Septic arthritis such as:

Aseptic arthritis, such as :

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (rarely at first). ,
  • Rheumatic fever,
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (in 85-90% of HLA B27 carriers)
  • Psoriatic arthritis,

Microcrystalline arthritis, such as :

  • Gout disease,
  • Chondrocalcinosis,
  • Tumour arthritis,
  • Villonodular synovitis primarily affects the knee.


The knee is the joint most affected by septic arthritis.

In the case of arthritis of the knee, septic arthritis should be the first choice because the knee is the joint most affected by this type of arthritis.

Clinical signs of septic arthritis

If the arthritis is infectious, the following symptoms :

Pain :

  • Intense,
  • Sudden onset,
  • Constant,
  • Leading to functional impotence,

A knee :

  • Swollen,
  • Hot,
  • Red (from pink to purple depending on the degree of inflammation).

A complicated physical examination

It will be challenging to perform a conclusive examination since the pain is extreme.
In addition, the effusions are generally critical, which makes the tests not very significant.
The knee, therefore, shows very inflammatory signs and possibly a fever associated with chills.

Radiological examination: signs of this type of arthritis

From a radiological point of view, one can observe :
  • Global pinching of the joint space (between the femur and the tibia and between the femur and the patella)
  • An intra-articular effusion,
  • A thickening of the soft parts,
  • Demineralization,
  • Cartilage damage.

Physical examination: cloudy synovial fluid and the presence of a germ.

The joint puncture will show a synovial fluid:
  • Cloudy (even purulent),
  • It contains numerous polynuclear white blood cells (over 95%).
The diagnosis is made with certainty when a germ is found:
  • Staphylococcus aureus: In the vast majority of cases,
  • Kingella kingae (an embryo that is difficult to isolate but very often involved),
  • Pneumococcus from an ENT or pulmonary infection,
  • Streptococcus, also from ENT or dental infections,
  • Gram-negative bacteria after an intestinal or genital infection.


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Arthritis of the knee: cases of aseptic arthritis

Aseptic arthritis does not have the same symptoms as septic arthritis.

Symptoms of this type of knee arthritis include: progressive pain

Aseptic arthritis causes :

Knee pain:

  • Less violent than septic or microcrystalline arthritis,
  • With a progressive onset,
  • Evolving for more than six weeks,
  • Predominantly during the second half of the night,

Morning stiffness.


Signs visible on radiological examination.

X-rays sometimes show demineralization.
It is also possible to find pinching of the joint space and wear of the femoral condyles and tibial plateaus (knee).
On ultrasound, a cyst can sometimes be found in the knee socket (popliteal cyst).

Knee involvement in microcrystalline arthritis

The knee is rarely affected by microcrystalline arthritis, but it can happen.

Severe symptoms

When the knee is affected, there are :
  • Pain :
    • Sudden onset,
    • Violent,
    • Inflammatory,
    • Articular or close to the joint,
  • Functional impotence.


Arthritis of the knee in case of gout or chondrocalcinosis

Gout is arthritis that affects mostly men, especially in the case of :
  • A history of microcrystalline arthritis affecting the big toe or foot
  • A history of urinary lithiasis (crystals in the urinary tract)
  • Hyperuricemia (abnormally high presence of uric acid in the blood).
Chondrocalcinosis :
  • Mainly concerns older women,
  • Has the particularity of leading to destructive arthrosis between the femur and the patella in the knee.


Physical examination and microcrystalline arthritis

The physician generally looks for tophi (a tophus is a nodule made up of uric acid crystals) in :
  • The big toe (hallux),
  • The Achilles tendon (calcaneal tendon)
  • Elbows,
  • Fingers,
  • The auricles of the ears.

Imaging: signs of gout and chondrocalcinosis

In the case of gout, we find signs of inflammation in the knee joint, but without affecting the cartilage.
In chondrocalcinosis, there is calcification in the cartilage areas of the joint and even in the menisci.

Biological examinations

Whatever its form, microcrystalline arthritis is characterized by
  • The presence of microcrystals (sodium urate and calcium pyrophosphate, respectively) in the punctured joint fluid
  • An increase in the sedimentation rate (SV).
In an inflammatory context, to ensure that it is not septic arthritis, even if microcrystals are found, a bacteriological examination of the fluid should also be performed.

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